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PFYN Palm & Grains is an Australian owned business providing local businesses with nutrition solution for a wide range of livestock, at all stages of life. We also provide financing solution for both domestic and export businesses. We aim to provide you the most efficient solution to your farmgate, so that you can focus on what you do best - caring for your animals

Animal Feedstock


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Our team is built with experts in trading, law, policy, and logistics, offering you a holistic and comprehensive view for you to make informed decisions in the robust business environment.



Our insight in global markets and experiences local partners provides us an in-depth understanding of how we can support you in optimising your success. 

We collaborate

We go the extra mile to create borderless collegiality, giving you seamless end-to-end services to execute your trade with the utmost efficiency.


We have integrity

Our strong background in policy and law ensures that your decisions are switched on and shrewd.


We are ethical

We are more interested in building a long term partnership with you, because we know when you go up, we go with you.


We are never satisfied 

We constantly learn and improve our services to offer you the most competitive solutions.




Edible Oil

Access the ever-growing market in Food and Personal Care manufacturing, we supply a complete lineup of vegetable oils, naturally zero trans, low sat and neutral flavour for healthiest and highest quality products.


We are strategically located in Singapore, nestled between the largest manufacturing hubs of palm oil. We can bring you the best grades and sustainably produced Palm Oil through our sourcing capabilities that support a global supply chain. To ensure deliver the highest quality to you, we bring transparency and trackability through smart contracts and source our products from RSPO members.


To optimize your accessibility in the market, we provide the flexibility of packaging through our cooperation with reliable partners. Our oils can be packaged in bottles (PET & glass), PEHD, metal cans, jerry cans, drums, and boxes of different sizes.

All our products adheres to PORAM standards and are only sourced from RSPO accredited members.

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Animal Feedstock

We bring the highest quality feed to animals ensuring healthiest and fastest growth for both the animals and your business.   

Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

Palm Kernel Meal

Soybean Hull Pellets

Copra Meal



Maximise your investment with high quality fertilisers. We invest heavily in research and development for maximum benefit for you. We work with partners with decades of experience to bring you the tried and tested solution for all your needs.


• Premium Trio Specs here

• Fine Dry Salt Carlsbad Specs here

• OMRI-Listed Fine Salt Moab Specs here

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