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Trident Investments Luxembourg is a Luxembourg based Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF), a flexible alternative investment structure with a fund specialising in the nuclear industry. To provide the highest protection for our clients, the RAIF is domiciled in Luxembourg. Our RAIF is subject to Luxembourg Law of 23 July 2016 and is a regulated product.*


To be qualified as an AIF, under the AIFM Directive, PFYN Capital AG has been appointed as the investment manager. Trident Investment Luxembourg assists clients to diversify into sustainable energy investments and supports them as they navigate the sea of opportunities.

Our strategy is to manage funds which invest directly in the entire fuel cycle, from mining, building, and operating nuclear power plants through to recycling of nuclear waste products. The capital is deployed to accelerate public-private partnerships (PPP) for large scale infrastructure projects, while empowering emerging markets to include nuclear power in their roadmap towards a greener future. Private equity is deployed in addition to fund and fast track nuclear powered technologies such as SMRs, micro reactors and nuclear battery solutions, fuelling continuous growth of the nuclear industry holistically.


The Trident insignia represents the three key markets that founded the company: Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The sea connects all and the ruler yields the Trident, as we aspire to conquer the ever-changing investment seascape and emerge victorious.

* RAIFs are not under the direct supervision of the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier). The RAIF is subject to the principle of investment risk diversification with the possibility of creating multiple sub-funds.

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