PFYN is a boutique asset management firm that helps you make informed decisions through solid research and cutting edge analytics. We are equipped with expertise in capital markets, commodity trading, and treasury operations to deliver innovative solutions tailored for you. 


Rich experience in foreign exchange is the cornerstone of our holistic strategy, bringing you the most forward-thinking solutions.


Asset Trading Platform

Xodiac, our proprietary trading platform, access exceptional market depth across all major and emerging commodity markets.

Foreign Exchange

Spot, Forwards, NDF's, & Options




Specialisation in Rare Earth Metals (REM),



Our insight in capital and commodity markets with an in-depth understanding of regulations and their complexities makes us a strong partner to support you in charting your success. 



Our team is built with experts in trading, law, policy, and statistics, offering you a holistic and comprehensive view for you to make informed decisions in the robust trading environment.

We collaborate

We go the extra mile to create borderless collegiality, giving you seamless end-to-end services to execute your trade with the utmost efficiency.


We have integrity

Our strong background in policy and law ensures that your decisions are switched on and shrewd.


We are ethical

We are more interested in building a long term partnership with you, because we know when you go up, we go with you.


We are never satisfied 

We constantly learn and improve our services to offer you the most competitive solutions.



We are competent in advising wholesale clients, accredited investors, and handpicked partners on our core services:

Asset Trading Platform

Our proprietary trading platform features:

  • Guaranteed execution

  • No last look

  • Advanced order types

  • Aggregation of liquidity

  • Execution via sweepable book or single execution ticket

All this is supported by major and EM currencies. With the choice of regional matching centres in New York, London and Tokyo, you benefit from tighter spreads and significant market depth. 



Foreign Exchange

Spot, Forwards, NDF's, & Options



Specialisation in Rare-Earth Metals (REM):

  • Lanthanum

  • Praseodymium

  • Neodymium

  • Terbium

  • Erbium

  • Thulium

  • Samarium and others

We also specialise in Agricultural commodities.

We enable you to penetrate the emerging markets, especially having a strong coverage in Oceania, SEA and EMEA. Navigating these markets demands specialised on-ground experience which we strategically developed to give you the best-in-class entry. We work with all currencies including the non-deliverables:













Philippine Peso


S. Korean








Rare Earth metal (REM)

We see the opportunities in superconductors, fibre optics and renewable energy sources spurring demands for rare earth metals.


Being an independent broking house specialising in OTC physical deliverables and derivative in rare earth commodities, we can serve you as a prime broker for master and bilateral contracts.


We support you by strategising trade solutions, managing risk and optimising returns through our in-depth knowledge in the rare earth metals supply chain. 

Tap into REM supported market such as the Glass industry for digital and mobile cameras, Catalyst industry for automotive and petroleum products, Magnet industry for Hybrid vehicles motors, windmills and aircrafts, Battery industry for consumer goods and Metal industry for steel manufacturing. 

Metals & Mineral

We supply for Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Nickel and Ferroalloys for a variety of industrial manufacturing. We also trade Aluminium/Alumina and Iron Ore within our supply chain.


We deliver unique and agile solutions to you in a changing market of Crude Oil, Oil Refined Products and Liquid Natural Gas globally. Our established shipping portfolio supported by a range of logistics, storage and investment capabilities, helps you navigate the market with confidence.  


We diversify your portfolio through our deep relationships with the largest refineries globally, providing petrochemicals such as Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene and Benzene. Tap into the market of renewable energy development such as Windmills and Solar Panels, Insulation materials, Healthcare, Protection and Safety. These petrochemicals enhances product life-cycles by increasing durability, flexibility and convenience, making production materials lighter and more efficient.

Food Production

Access the ever-growing market in Food and Personal Care manufacturing, we supply a complete lineup of vegetable oils, naturally zero trans, low sat and neutral flavour for healthiest and highest quality products.


We are strategically located in Singapore, nestled between the largest manufacturing hubs of palm oil. We can bring you the best grades and sustainably produced Palm Oil through our sourcing capabilities that support a global supply chain. To ensure deliver the highest quality to you, we bring transparency and trackability through smart contracts and source our products from RSPO members.


To optimize your accessibility in the market, we provide the flexibility of packaging through our cooperation with reliable partners. Our oils can be packaged in bottles (PET & glass), PEHD, metal cans, jerry cans, drums, and boxes of different sizes.


Entity Name

PFYN Capital AG

Regulatory Body  

The Financial Services Standards Association (VQF)*, Switzerland

Licence/ Registration 




*PFYN Capital AG is an authorized member of the Financial Service Standard Association (VQF), one of the leading industry associations under stringent supervision of the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). All VQF members are subject to statutory supervision and monitoring obligations for AML/CFT. We are approved and recognised under these regulations to operate officially as an Independent Asset Manager. We also have the approval to operate as a member of Industry Organisation for independent Asset Managers (BOVV).


Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

Money laundering and terrorist financing have been identified as major threats to PFYN ADVISORY and the international financial services community.

PFYN Advisory recognises that money laundering can have a significant repetitional risk on the organization and its operations and therefore, takes a strict view on non-compliance with AML and CFT regulations. PFYN Advisory has an AML/CFT policy, designed to ensure that PFYN Advisory and its clients comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in New Zealand, Switzerland,  and Singapore as well as with obligations applicable in other jurisdictions where PFYN ADVISORY has business interests. PFYN Advisory follows best practice global industry standards, including the globally recognised Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations on AML/CFT, and strictly adheres to applicable regulations on AML/CFT.

Each client we do business with is required to comply with the prevailing Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and documentation. We also conduct due diligence on all our clients for the safety of all market participants.

PFYN Advisory only engages with accredited investors* or eligible counter parties (ECP).

*Accredited investors include natural high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), or ECP’s such as banks, insurance companies, and brokers.

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